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07 Fun Things To Do In Nairobi

  1. See Interesting Animals at Nairobi Safari Walk
  2. The Nairobi Safari Walk is a conservation-based recreational facility like no other. Only 7KM from the bustling Metropolis, here you will find a sampling of what wildlife in Kenya has to offer. Not only is the setting exceptionally serene, but you will get a chance to see some of the rarest animals on the planet. These include: the white Rhino, the Bongo and even the Albino Zebra. What this walk offers, is a chance to see most of Kenya’s wildlife within a single setting.
  3. Shop at the Maasai Market The Maasai culture is perhaps the most renowned of Kenya’s ethnicity. As a tourist travelling within Kenya, buying a Maasai culture-based souvenir should, and will be one of the things you want to do. There is nowhere better than the regular open air Maasai markets held in Nairobi. These markets are nomadic and within them, you will find everything from local paintings, curios, drawings, wood carvings, jewelry and East African based Fabrics. However, you have to know where and when they will be held.
  4. Dine at the Carnivore The Carnivore Restaurant on Lang’ata Road is one of Nairobi’s, and indeed Kenya’s, revered open air restaurants. Dining here is an experience to treasure. The most outstanding aspect of this restaurant is not the fact that the ambiance is world class, but that you get to have your choice of game meat while enjoying that ambiance. Do you feel like having a bit of Crocodile? Maybe Ostrich or Zebra meat is more your style? At the Carnivore, you can have a taste of all these and many other game cuisines. You can also indulge in local and international beers while you are at it.
  5. Visit the Nairobi National Museum Just as Nairobi Safari Walk gives you a sampling of what the country has to offer in terms of wild life, the Nairobi National Museum gives you a taste of Kenya’s heritage. Additionally, you will find wonderful dining facilities, a beautiful botanical garden and eclectic shopping facilities.
  6. Have a taste of Kenyan history at The National Archives For a taste of Kenya’s history, visit the National Archives situated right in the middle of the City. Here you will find all sorts of historical records that will help illuminate Kenya’s past.
  7. See the ageless beauty of Kenya from K.I.C.C Helipad Although this will take some doing, the view from up there is worth it. If you can talk your way into it, going up on to the K.I.C.C Helipad, will give you a grand view of the entire city. You can see the whole of Nairobi and its environs from up there. It is simply breath taking.
  8. Enjoy the night life Night life in Nairobi is like in any other metropolitan city, absolutely jumping!! Starting from the city center to the Electric Avenue in Westlands, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to exceptional bars, restaurants and clubs. You can even go to Nairobi West, where you will find some of the best local bars. Or, you may go to Lang’ata and see how Nairobi’s mid-class party!

Nairobi is absolutely outstanding. It is no wonder it’s called ‘The City In The Sun’.


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