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10 Struggles Android Users Can Relate To

There are two types of people in the world: Those who use iPhones and those who use Android phones. We know the Android vs iPhone war is not ending anytime soon. Meanwhile, here are 10 struggles Android users will definitely understand.


1. Not being able to post clear selfies or videos on Snapchat

2. Getting apps after iPhone users have gotten them


3. Having to deal with apps that crash all the time


4. Dealing with a phone that’s constantly hanging

ohhh meme



5. Not seeing emojis sent from an iPhone

DJ Khaled Peeping Meme



6. And having only ugly emojis to use


7. Not finding fancy cases for your phone

iPhone users get the best cases.



8. And having ugly selfies because Android cameras are terrible

9. Getting made fun of all the time by iPhone users


10. And knowing your front camera is useless because it makes you look even uglier


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