11 Nyama Joints For Every Nairobians And Visitors To Check Out (Photos)



There are joints just within vicinity where you can enjoy some meat delicacies even over lunch hour, and be able to return to the office.

From high end to local, here are nyama joints that every Nairobian needs to know.

1. Maxland.

Situated on Waiyaki Way, just opposite Safricom House, Maxland is one of the places every meat lover needs to know. It’s more known for nyama choma but you can have other types such as dry fry or wet fry, accompanied by sides such as ugali, chips or mukimo. The ambiance is very local, over the weekends, sometimes they will have a band or Rhumba music playing. Be ready to wait for a few minutes though for your meal to come through cause? Well, demand.

2. Njuguna’s Place.

Just like Maxland, Njuguna’s is also located on Waiyaki way, just a few meters past Safaricom House. Njuguna’s maybe a local but you’ll be surprised how many high profile individuals frequent the premises. If you’re looking to have some nyama accompanied by a few beers after work with friends, head over to Njuguna’s.

3. Sagret Hotel.

Located on Milimani road, Sagret Hotel is another joint where you can have yourself some nyama choma.

4. Fogo Gaucho.

For those looking for a more high end place to enjoy meaty meals, then Fogo Gaucho is your go to restaurant. Currently, there are two branches, one at Viking House Westands, just next to Park Inn by Radisson Blu and the other branch is at Galana Plaza, Kilimani. Fogo is every foodie’s dream since they give you a selection of different cuts and meats, including game meat such as crocodile meat. Also, it’s an all you can eat joint. So if you’re super hungry and do not mind splurging over 2k on a meal, take your empty stomach with you and enjoy an array or salads, meats and drinks in a swanky restaurant.

5. Pampa Churrascaria.

Just like Fogo Gaucho, this is another high end Brazillian steak house with two branches, one in Lavington and another at Panari Sky Center, Mombasa Road. Here, you also get to enjoy an array of salads and different meats, ranging from sausages to chicken to steaks and some game meat. This is also an all you can eat joint.

6. Spur Restaurant.

Still on that all you can eat vibe, if you love pork ribs, and you can handle racks and racks and racks of ribs, Spur Restaurant has bottomless ribs every Thursday. They also have two branches, one at Eka Hotel on Mombasa road and another at Southern Mayfair Hotel, Westlands. Pro Tip; for the Thursday bottomless ribs, do not order fries or onion rings on the side. You’ll get too full before even the second rack of ribs. Hehe.

7. Kosewe & Mama Oliech.

Situated on Kimathi street in town, Kosewe is the the place to be if you want some fish and ugali. Even though they do serve other foods, Kosewe is mainly known for samak. Another such joint is Mama Oliech, situated on Marcus Garvey road Kilimani. When Mark Zuckerberg was in town, he enjoyed a fish meal at Mama Oliech.

8. Road House Grill.

There are 4 branches-Hurlingham, Kilimani, Karen and Upperhill. Roadhouse Grill is the perfect place to have some meat and drinks either over the weekend or Friday after work with friends. The nyama comes with a selection of sides. I highly recommend their sauteed potatoes, they’re super tasty and I honestly cannot get enough of them.


9. Carnivore.

Good old Carni will forever be one of the top Nairobi restaurants, recommended for meaty meals. This falls under the high end category. Carnivore used to be known for game meat too, however, at the moment, they do not serve that. Still, you can enjoy an array of different meats here.

10. Kenyatta Market.

Kenyatta Market is that one market place where all shenanigans take place. Nyama choma vendors, hairdressers, tailors, hawkers, shops, you’ll literally find everything there. Their nyama choma though has been been given the stamp of approval by people like President Uhuru who is known to sometimes enjoy his meat there. So yeah, you’re in good hands.

Pro Tip: If your choice of meat is nyama choma, always choose a fresh cut and wait for it to be roasted as opposed to choosing already done meat. The advantage of doing this is that you will not be duped in terms of the size and, freshly done nyama choma will be soft and delicious.


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