13 Skills Every Man Should Master

There are many things that define a man’s masculinity and we are about to delve into a little bit of that.

The same way that women are universally expected to know how to cook, there are some skills that every man is expected to master.

Here are some of them:

1. Be familiar with cars

By being familiar with cars I mean, know everything. If the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, I would expect a man to freaking figure out what the problem is. And that’s not all, a man should know how to change a flat tire, jumpstart a car, drive a manual car and parallel park!

Man driving a car



2. Open a bottle without an opener

Small skill, but hey, imagine passing a bottle over to a man to open it for you and he ends up passing it on to another man for help? Meh…

Image: TuskerDay



3. Grill with charcoal

Not to set standards or anything, but if you cannot grill some nyama choma or cook at least one signature dish to save your life, you might as well buy a skirt and heels and join the mom club!



4. Know how to light a fire

If we are camping and it gets cold, I don’t expect you to start rubbing your hands! Make a fire! You’re a man.

rihanna meme


5. Know how to slaughter a chicken

Don’t be the kind of man that sees a hen and runs away screaming!

kid meme face disgust


6. Know how to approach a lady

Every man should know how to approach a lady and ask her out on a date. There’s something ultra sexy about a man that can approach a lady confidently without the fear of being rejected. We absolutely heart all the confident men out there!

Why You Lying Meme



7. Know how to tie a tie

Whether you sing a song that your mom taught you when you were 7 or use the knee trick to tie a tie, it doesn’t matter as long as you can tie a tie. You don’t want to be 35, attending your friend’s wedding and Googling “How to tie a tie”. Tragic!

Photo Credit: ShirtsMyWay



8. Be able to shop for the perfect suit

Yes! Seriously! Every man needs a proper suit be it for closing an important deal, a wedding ceremony or formal event.

Colored suits



9. Know how to throw a punch

Now, we are not saying that you go around giving people black eyes and what not; what we mean is, be able to defend yourself if need be.
trotro fight


10. Know how to tell a joke

Don’t be the boring party pooper who’s too stuck up at the party. Be the life of the party. Know how to tell a joke. Women love guys with a great sense of humor.


11. Know how to pleasure a woman

Duh! Had to be on the list.

Obama Oh yeah Gif



12. Be Handy

You do not need to call in an expert to fix everything that gets broken in the house. Get yourself a tool box and let YouTube be your guide. You can pretty much fix almost everything in the house. Takeaway, women love handy men ?

Image: ericestate.com



13. Being good around babies or kids

Men are known to suck at parenting but a man who’s good around kids tend to get the attention of women as they know you can give them a helping hand when they’re busy. Then again, if it’s your kid, they could do with some Daddy loving.





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