15,000ksh Labeling Investment That Earns You 75,000ksh Monthly (Details)

With just a paltry KSh 15,000, you could be well on your way to making a clean KSh 75,000 a month. Or more.

This, thanks to an entrepreneur who is now selling gadgets that makes it possible to print your phone number on ATM’s, your passport and even your National ID card.

Ken Kamanja made it easy for you to recover your lost document by making sticky labels for the above mentioned items.

15,000ksh labelling investment that earns you 75,000ksh monthly

An example of the said sticker on an ID card

The sticker can be peeled off the said cards without interfering with the condition of the card.

Look at it this way, when you lose that ATM, you will spend KSh 500 to replace it. The ID is a nightmare and the passport is a cool KSh 10,000.

The printer is simple and can fit in your handbag or a man bag.

15,000ksh labelling investment that earns you 75,000ksh monthly

The entrepreneur holding the gadget that prints the stickers

All you need to buy is the printer and the set of stickers which go for KSh 2,000 for 150 stickers.

If you, lets say, make one roll of stickers a day, which is very easy since everyone has more than one personal card, you can make a clean 2500 in a day. Thats a good KSh 75,000 in a month.

Any card will most of the time range from KSh 30 – 200 depending on the client.

15,000ksh labelling investment that earns you 75,000ksh monthly

You can add the sticker to any document making it easy to recover if you ever lose it

The only thing that is causing the business a little stress is that most Kenyans think you want to steal their vote when you ask for their IDs but with a good explanation they are good to go.

The business was began by Kamanja, 24, a diploma in Journalism and Mass communication holder.

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