19 Struggles Every First Time International Traveler Can Relate To

If you’ve been lucky to globe trot and travel internationally at least once, then you’ll concur when I write that while it’s a wonderful experience, it does come towed with some struggles.

My friend calls first-time travelers tour-virgins; hehe here are struggles that tour-virgins can relate to:

1. Finding your boarding gate in a big state of the art airport can be such a hustle when you’re used to the small local airports.



2. You’re walking towards the boarding gate and it’s such a long walk that you begin to doubt you’re going the right direction. You literally feel lost!

3. Even worse, when you realize you have to take a metro train to your boarding gate.



4. When immigration officers summon you to the office and you panic a little cause you have no idea what you did wrong…


5. Like, “Did someone put drugs in my bag?” “Do they think I’m coming for prostitution?” “Omg, what is happening?”

What is this one saying meme


6. Arriving at your destination and realizing you have to take the metro on your own.


7. And the confusion begins with buying the ticket…

Best man forgets wedding rings


8. Well, because you have to figure out the new currency and you keep converting the money to the currency you’re used to back at home to see how much that is.

9. Ordering food in restaurants is such a hustle if the menu is not in English.

DIY Shawarma


10. Language is a big deal for tour-virgins more so, when our African accents decide to unleash themselves in full force.

11. Being stared at.

Is it just me or do people sense that one is a foreigner? Sometimes the stares are downright creepy and uncomfortable.

12. Feeling too hot or too cold cause you’re not used to the weather change.



13. Marvelling at the country’s landmarks that you only used to see in magazines or the TV, and now, they’re right there, in front of you and the African in you is just too excited.

Harry Potter wow gif


14. Struggling to take photos at the famous landmarks because every other tourist is pretty much trying to do the same.

Have you ever seen photos of people at the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy? There’s almost always someone in the background attempting to do that whole pose where you look like you’re touching the leaning tower. SMH tourist problems.

tower of pisa funny photos


15. Going to beauty and fashion stores that are not in your home country such as Sephora and Zara and wanting to buy everything but your bank account cannot, in fact, allow you to.


16. People seeing you’re abroad on social media and sending you all sorts of things. “Please bring me Sephora foundation number 18 I’ll pay you back?”

idris-elba gif


17. Eating weird food and drinks for the first time cause hey, new experiences, right?

ewww meme


18. Culture shock! Seeing beggars in every other corner of Paris was such a culture shock for me lol.

In my mind, Paris was basically that luxe city of love where everything is glamorous…turns out, I was wrong.



19. But then you come back home and realize that all the hustle you went through to get that travel visa was totally worth it and as a plus, your Instagram looks pretty fresh from all the travel pics.


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