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2017 Top Fashion Trends in Kenya

Current circumstances have demonstrated that the African renaissance is genuine and occurring in many parts of the world. Individuals have begun grasping the African conventional methods of dressing from the texture.This year is going to be showcase of everything African. From African attires to African hairdos, here is a list of things to expect in this new year

Natural Hair

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Team natural has been increasing largely with afros and short hair in women’s preferences. These are rocked in different colors and lengths which give that woman some sort of edge over the next woman on the street. This trend is not going anywhere if anything, its about to have an impact of global reawakening that African hair is indeed beautiful.

Kitenge Clothing.

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fashion trends in Kenya

The African fabric has had its comeback with the increased number of designers who feature it in their designs. As a result everything has been “africanised” from jackets, dresses, shorts, bags and even wedding gowns. This is not only unique but very very colorful and edgy.

Ankara shoes.

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With the embrace of the African fabric, designers have started making everyday wearable shoes using the same. These shoes have been seen in the streets on Nairobi, in workplaces, they have been rocking the red carpet and even weddings. The eclectic nature of these shoes allows for the one fits all policy to apply hence more and more people have bought into wearing them.


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Everyone seems to be owning one of these wrist bands especially this year being an election year, we for-see more and more people wearing them. These bands are like a display of patriotism; wearing the flag on your hand everyday as a daily reminder that we are one. No better way to spread the message of peace than through fashion.

Head wraps

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fashion trends in Kenya

In the case of a bad hair day, a boring outfit or just looking for a way to stand out, more and more women are rocking the head wraps. These come in different designs and do wonders in transforming a woman’s appearance. Not only is it stylish it is also very beautifully African.


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