3 Critical Issues To Address Before Walking Down The Aisle

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They say money is the root of all evil. Truth be told, high rates of present day break-ups are due to money issues. Being open about your current status, your debts and gains is the first step towards establishing a strong relationship. Keeping secrets is a no no. Trusting and letting each other in on major financial projects will help keep the relationship healthy. Also it is important to know each other inside out. Are you a spender or a saver? Do you have a certain obsession like buying shoes or property? Your spouse may just be the right person to get you out of that rut.


If there is one contentious issue among couples, it is this – religion. If you are a Christian, Muslim or from whatever other religion, it is good to be clear about it from the onset of the relationship. There are higher chances of a couple from the same religion maintaining the relationship. This is because being of the same faith means that you might have the same value and belief system as opposed to what might be the case if you are from different faiths.

However, there is no problem with one partner leaving their faith for the other. Again, you can still be of different faiths and have clear guidelines on what you want of the relationship and future marriage. For example, what faith will the children take up?


Speaking of children, it is important to remember that some people do not want to have them as part of their union. If you’d love to nurture children, you do not want to get into a marriage only to later find out that your spouse is not interested in having any. Knowing each other’s expectations on children and parenting is essential. How many kids do you want to have? Does your partner mind adopting? Your marriage has higher chances of surviving if you agree on these major issues. Having a marriage counselor take this journey with you will help in establishing an unshakable union.

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