Over 30 Passengers Robbed In Hijacking Incident On Mombasa Road

More than 30 passengers in a matatu were robbed of their cash and valuables in an attack by thugs Wednesday night on Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

According to police, the Embasava matatu was ferrying passengers from the city centre to Embakasi when four of the passengers turned out to be thugs.

Officers say the gang was armed with knives and pistols.

It was commandeered towards Buruburu and passengers dumped in a dark alley in Babadogo area at about midnight.

This was despite heavy rains that caused a huge traffic jam on major roads in the city. A hunt on the attackers is ongoing.

In the meantime, many Kenyans were Wednesday night stranded following heavy rains that were experienced in parts of Nairobi.

Police say some people arrived home past midnight.

The rains caused flooding blocking some roads which led to snarl ups and slow movement of vehicles.

Police were unable to control the flow on some roads for hours and the metrological department has warned the rains will continue to the end of the month.


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