4 Mistakes You Should Never Make At A Nightclub

In case you made these mistakes over the weekend when Partying and indulging in all sort of activities and got away with it, refrain from doing it again as you may not be lucky again another weekend.

1. Be with Limited Funds

Drinks at the bar are over-priced. Even bottle water that is sold more expensive in a club, talk less of the drinks.

If you know you want to go to the club, carry enough funds. Don’t go there and be looking like a beggar

2. Taking too much alcohol

The tendency to get carried away at a nightclub is very high. While very few people drink moderately, others drink to stupor and this is where the problem lies. Many fail to ask this singular question: “How will I get home if all I get tipsy?” “What if i get robbed?”

If you and your friends are so keen on drinking, you can but the driver should stay sober for the safety of everyone.

3. Not having your gate pass

Ever encountered the huge bouncers that mount the gates of these night clubs? The way they throw out mischievous persons on their shoulders will definitely embarrass you. If you do not want to experience any of this, you should know that some clubs accept gate passes and you can either buy your pass online or get it at the club premises.

4. Trying to trick the Bar man

Don’t ever try to form “Sharp guy” for the bar man. The Bar man is usually very wise and sharp, with loud voices, and they don’t hesitate to call the bouncers when there is need to.

So, don’t be a sharp guy. Pay the amount you’re supposed to pay and leave the bar.


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