4 Things You Should Get Rid Of In Your Office For Better Productivity

The last thing you should be thinking about once you are heading into a new year is clutter once you open. Our desks are filled with all manner of items that aren’t necessary, and before you know it your office is full of crap. Two options exist here. You either get a bigger office space or make use of the bin. Dedicate an hour or two and get rid of unnecessary stuff to create a conducive space where you will work efficiently.

Here are 4 things you need to get rid of asap:

Old newspapers

You have no excuse holding onto old newspapers which collect dust and occupy unnecessary space unless  you are a newspaper vendor or a meat seller. You should have a 2 day reading policy then get rid of them. Chances are, you won’t read them anyways.You should also apply this rule to magazines. If they exceed a month without you opening, trash it or take it home.


Get rid of pens despite how cute a it is and it has run out of ink or is broken, get rid of it if. Unless you intend  refilling it which is unlikely opt to replace it.

Business cards

If you don’t get in touch within a year or two, dispose off the business cards. Chances are you are not on the same business wavelength. In your day to day activities you will meet and network with so many people and realistically speaking, there is no way you can keep all those random cards.

Excessive office supplies

Having plenty of printing paper, staples etc makes sense. But having boxes of clips, sticky notes, rubber bands and glue does not especially when they are occupying so much office space. Give out some to a children’s home or school or store them away and only retrieve them when needed.


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