4 Things You Should Not Bring Up When In A New Relationship

Relationships are interesting and beautiful when both parties decide to put efforts for it to work. However, there are certain things that should not be discussed when the relationship is new.

Here is what you should not bring up when in a new relationship:

1. Your past sexual encounters
It’s good to be open but some things need to be taken slowly. Talking about your sexual past risks turning off your partner as you might end up showing them a side of you that they do not fancy. You need not to pay attention on how many people your partner has laid with so that you don’t burst the bubble and look like they are with them for the wrong reasons. Taking all your time to know your partner seamlessly opens ways for the sexual as you discuss your fantasies and boundaries.

2. You are dating other people
Getting into a new relationship does not mean that you can’t go on dates with other guy friends. It’s a matter of having boundaries. Men are very competitive and they never want to hear another man is seeing you or wants to hang out you. It’s best you keep it to yourself even as you have a good time.

3. Talking about physical insecurities
Every lady needs to know that lack of confidence is a major turn off for any guy. Men love confident women. Once you begin complaining about your stretch marks, cellulite, stomach or bust, he won’t find you attractive and beautiful.

Love yourself, own your body and believe in yourself, the new catch will always be proud to have an amazing woman proud of who she is.

4. Discussing someone else’s relationship
Remember, you are yet to know each other and you are still observing one another. When you begin discussing other relationships, especially of mutual friends or individuals you both know, it leaves an impression. The impression is that you are not focusing on your relationship which is more important.


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