5 Different Ways Of Eating Avocados Apart From Adding To Githeri


Avocados are quite nutritious and heavily endowed for healthy benefits. Apart from the nourishment they provide for the skin, they also fight against salient yet silent diseases. Apart from adding to Kenyan githeri, see other ways Avocados are highly beneficial to the body.

Here are 5 other uses for avocado.


This is a mashup of avocado, spices, lime juice (you can use lemon too) and kachumbari. This mixture can be eaten with crisps, as an accompaniment to your spicy foods or as the food itself.

Fruit smoothie


When you want a think nice juice with that unique flat avocado taste, pop some pieces in there. And for extra lumpiness, add bananas too.

Bread spread


You can replace butter and margarine with avocado. And even better, it’s healthier.

Skin care


This creamy fruit can be applied to the skin for nourishment and moisturising.



When baking, you can also use avocado in place of butter. Experts say the cookies, brownies and cakes just like the normal ones. I’ll take their word for it.


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