5 Hair Mistakes Men Make

Few men can write the manual on grooming. Most men get away with the bare minimum and that can be disastrous for their hair.

Failing to groom all their body hair can bring about body odour, make it seem like there’s a lack of diligence and even bring about a lice infestation.

However, there are simple ways to keep your hair’s appearance worthy of a fashion magazine and also maintain your general health.

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Here are 5 grooming mistakes men make with their hair.

1. Skimping on scalp care

Many men don’t take care of their scalps. Even though they shave every so often, they don’t pay attention to their scalps only waiting for their trip to the barber to deal with it. And while some of them wash their hair every time they shower, they don’t ensure that their scalp stays moisturized.

Apply hair food to your scalp every week or so.

2. Choosing the wrong cut

Every shape of head has a suitable cut. Some men see a cut on Ludacris and decide to go with it. Ask your barber or your spouse for a professional opinion.

3. Unkempt beards

They are mismanaged and allowed to grow willy nilly. Should you want to maintain a beard, ensure you was it and trim it to make it appear proper. Landscape it so that it looks like a work of art. Make sure stray strands from your moustache don’t grow over your lips.

4. Nose and ear hair

Get rid of them. Get an electric nose hair trimmer or invest in small shears to help with that.

5. Neglecting the hair between cuts

Most men allow their hair to grow dry and brittle. All they do is wash and brush it between trips to the barber. Ensure that your hair is frequently moisturized to give it a healthy sheen.


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