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5 Kenya Animals That Are Very Famous

Kenyan animals are among the most astonishing types of wild life in Africa and it is always fun seeing these stunning animals. From the strong African Elephants found in Kenya to the fast cheetahs ready to surpass and overwhelm any prey that crosses its way. In the event that you are arranging an excursion to Kenya, among your needs ought to be a direct affair of Kenya creatures as they guarantee to keep you confounded.

5. Baboon

Yellow Baboon

Baboons are species of monkeys that are ground dwelling and prefer living in groups called “troops”. Baboons live in groups of eight to 200 individuals per troop and these animals are specialists when it comes to tree climbing and can be often aggressive or prone to attack when provoked in order to defend themselves even from leopard. These animals love to live in the Savannah. The species called the yellow baboon inhabits the savannas and light forests in the eastern part of Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania. Baboons generally are omnivores and can eat anything from plants and insects up to small antelopes. They are also efficient predators of smaller animals and their young, keeping some animals’ populations in check.

4. Bushbaby


Galagos is another name for bushbabies. They are part of the common Kenya animals that usually feed at night. Bushbabies are most famous for several myths associated with them. According to some of the myths, bushbaby is a boy-spirit that weeps and goes about with a rolled-up mat with which he could beat anyone to death! and that bush babies cry like a lost baby in nearby woods, especially at night, as a way of attracting captives-to-be. There was also the myth that if you could snatch the mat from him and sleep on it, you would become wealthy! The fact is that bushbabies are small, nocturnal primates that feed mostly on fruits and insects and are native to continental Africa.

3. Giraffe


Giraffe is an even-toed ungulate animal of Africa and one of the interesting Kenya animal. Giraffes are unmistakably the tallest living terrestrial animal in existence and the largest known ruminant. The main distinguishing feature a giraffe has is its extremely long neck and limbs. A fully-grown giraffe can measure up to 5.5 m high. There are three subspecies of giraffe found in Kenya. They are browsing animals that eat tree branches and twigs from trees, something they are well endowed for by the virtue of their extremely long necks. Giraffe is not among the list of endangered animals in Kenya, mainly because they can co-exist with cattle and are not adversely effected by spreading farmland.

 2. Crocodile


Crocodiles are among the famous Kenyan Animals especially for the fact that in recent times, the scaly, huge and dangerous reptile capable of crushing the strongest bone with one bite of its powerful jaw has been attacking humans. The Tana and Mara river, that runs through the famous Masai Mara game park in Kenya is particularly known to be quite dangerous because of them. In this region, crocodiles have been targeting human prey with devastating success. Within the Tana village, crocodile attacks claimed six lives in 2010 and these attacks has been on the increase since then. However, against all odds, Crocs are still among the Kenya animals worth taking a look at (from a very safe distance though).

1. Ostriches


Ostriches are large birds (the largest living species of bird) without the capability to fly. They are usually seen living in small groups of 5 to 50 on the plains of Kenya. They are amazing to behold and their beautiful long feathers are of immense decorative value. They lay their eggs in “nests” which are scratched into the bare ground. Ostriches eat mainly plant material, along with invertebrates and insects. When threatened or attacked, their long legs can give a powerful kick to ward of predators. They can run at a steady speed of 30 mph which they can increase up to 45 miles/hr (70km/hr) and lays the largest eggs of any living bird.


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