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5 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Love To Gym

Keeping fit is something we are constantly told to practice be it going to the gym or eating right.

Most of the times, we are comfortable in our bodies that we don’t realize we are hurting ourselves health wise. That is why most times when you go for a check up, the doctors advice us to keep fit, eat right and exercise frequently.

Some Kenyan female celebrities look oh so ravishing. Their bodies are goals and apart from their hard work in different fields, they take time to take care of themselves be it fixing their hair or buying new clothes.

But most of us admire the ones who take their time to live healthy lives. When I say healthy lives, I mean working and spending time in the gym, to get those sexy abs and banging bodies.

Anerlisa Muigai is a perfect example of a lady who is dedicated to keeping fit after struggling to loose weight for a really long time. Last year was her year as she decided to live a healthy lifestyle and watch what she eats.

Well, there are ladies who have joined the gym wagon and have made the gym their bae.

Here are five ladies who are in a relationship with the gym;

1. Anerlisa

2. Tallia Oyando

3. Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan

















4. Vera Sidika

5. Grace Msalame




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