5 Killed In Foiled Robbery Attempt

Gangster or investigator or spy silhouette on natural wooden wal

Five speculated gangsters were on Tuesday evening shot dead in Juja in the wake of endeavoring to loot a business premise along Thika Superhighway.

Gangster or investigator or spy silhouette on natural wooden wal

Police detailed the pack was focusing on Lexo oil Station however was trapped at around 8pm.

Officers on watch were cautioned about the proposed burglary and laid a snare.

Police manning a scene of crime

The thugs driving a Volkswagen Touareg, brandished their weapons but police gunned them down. 

They crashed the car as they attempted to flee.

Three firearms were recovered from the felled gangsters.

Meanwhile, a hunt is underway for one other suspect who was part of the gang but managed to escape.

He sustained serious bullet injuries and was armed with an AK-47.

Juja has lately become a haven for gangsters with cases of armed robbery on the rise.

Last week, residents lynched a man alleged to be part of a gang terrorising university and college students in the area.

A view of Juja town, Kiambu County


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