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5 Perfect Places to Experience the Best of Kenyan Culture

Kenya is a melting pot of different cultures just waiting for the right person to experience it all. No matter where you go in the magical country, you will find more than just the indigenous culture of the given area at play. Of course, there are some areas that are more…’metropolitan’ that others, just as there are some areas that are quite literally not fully Kenyan.

  1. Lamu Lamu is like the pretty little bow that wraps up an entire Muslim region. This semi-remote location has seen very little impact from the outside world and cultures. A traditionally Muslim town, Lamu is as beautiful as it is authentic. As an ‘outsider’ you will be surprised to find that Dhows and donkeys are the only mode of transportation here. Spend your time walking through the narrow streets, mingle with the locals and when you get tired of that, take a dhow to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches on nearby islands such as Kiwayu that make up the Lamu Archipelago. You can also swim with the dolphins in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean (learn a little about life as a dolphin from these intelligent creatures
  2. Nyanza Province Before the new constitution came into effect, Kenya was divided into 8 Provinces, one of which was Nyanza Province. This is a predominantly Luo region. It is home to attractions such as Kit Mikayi, Kisumu City and Lake Victoria among many others. Taking a trip to this region will give you a clear insight on how traditional Luo’s live. Although Kisumu City is slowly becoming metropolitan, it is still predominantly Luo. You will experience the heat, take a cruise on Lake Victoria, and see traditional fishermen go about their business and all around soak in some Luo culture.
  3. Mombasa & The Kenyan Coast Mombasa is an authentic cultural destination. Our national language is Swahili, so in a way, you can say that we all have some Swahili culture in us. Where else would you get a chance to experience authentic Swahili ways than where it is spoken at best? As an added bonus, Mombasa is absolutely stunning. The beaches, the weather, the people and quite simply the way of life here is adorable. By the way, you have NOT experienced Swahili until you have a conversation with someone born and raised in Mombasa. They just have a way of making the language sound so….sexy!
  4. Machakos most outspoken tribes in Kenya is the Kamba people. If you go to Machakos town, you will experience something quite different. Thanks to the new Governor, this region has become a major local attraction. With a new park and a host of other developments, this predominantly Kamba region has so much more to offer the world now. If you want a look into how traditional Kambas live and party, take a trip to Machakos.
  5. Gigiri, Nairobi Gigiri is quite literally ‘foreign Kenya’. It is home to numerous consulates and expats. This is where Kenya meets the rest of the world. The most interesting thing about this region is that almost everyone who lives here has blended a number of cultures into their way of life. There is a little of Kenya with a dash of everything else. You really have to visit this area to appreciate this, go to The Village Market, have some delicious meals at the food court, which serves international cuisines by the way, and mingle with locals who will leave you unsure as to which culture you are experiencing. As mentioned earlier, Kenya has 42 different tribes and they all have their own traditions and culture. Travel through the country and experience as many as you can. One thing all these tribes have in common is that they are friendly and rather welcoming.

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