5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Co-Worker


There’s plenty of fish in the sea; and sometimes the workplace is the wrong place to fish.

An office romance can go either one of two ways: really great or not so great.

The thrill of having something more than just a working relationship with someone can be fun and exciting especially when just the two of you know about it but then there’s the not so fun side of having an office romance.


It is possible for jealousy to take precedence in a relationship when dating a co-worker. Maybe your man/woman may have a better relationship with one of the co-workers in your office and that can bring some issues into the relationship.

2.It can distract you from your work

Dating a co-worker can be distracting in the office. During the honeymooning phase of a relationship, couples are usually very engrossed with one another that they can block out the closest people to them.

This can end up costing you a promotion or in extreme cases your job.

3.You see each other all the time

While this might work during the honeymoon phase of the relationship, it can, for some couples, get exhausting to see your S/O every single minute of the day.

4.Office conflicts

This can get tricky especially if one person is in a higher ranking than the other.

5.There’s no separation between work and your relationship

You basically eat, breathe and sleep your work. It’s hard to avoid talking about work when you’re with your co-workers so it shouldn’t be any different with your significant other. This can cause a strain in your relationship.


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