5 Restaurants To Try For The Best Pizza In Nairobi


There is something about that feeling you get when you take that bite off the thin crusted bread topped with your favorite meat and veggies with the cheese all stringy and melted. Mouth orgasms would be the perfect way to describe it.

We’re making all the work easier for you by giving you a list of restaurants you should visit in Nairobi for the best pizza and be sure these places will not disappoint.

1. Artcaffe

Pop in just in time for their happy hour and pass your evening away while enjoying their delicious pizza options. They cater for everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. Only warning here is that you probably won’t be able to share one. It’s that good!

pizza- ZumiSource: Cupcakes To Curry

2. 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza

Located at ABC Place in Westie, this should be your stop for food before the rave. Their wide variety of wood-fired Neopolitan pizza is to die for and the service will not disappoint.

pizza- ZumiSource: EatOut

3. Mediterraneo Restaurant

This restaurant offers an authentic Italian dining experience and their pizza will for sure give your taste buds a taste of Italy as the import some of their ingredients.

pizza- ZumiSource: TripAdvisor


4. Que Pasa

This little yet chic restaurant tucked away in Karen Sopping Centre will cater to all your social needs. Whether you want a polite lunch with your friends or you want to continue with some night craziness, Que P has it on lock. Friday nights are the best.

pizza- ZumiSource:

5. Osteria Del Chianti

This classy yet homey restaurant will give you good vibes as you chow away to your favorite pizza flavors. The best part by far is that you can build your own pizza at very little extra cost!

pizza- ZumiSource: Yum Deliveries

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