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5 Ways To Secure Your Android Smartphones


In as much as Android users don’t get the luxury of a monthly or weekly security patch update, there are necessary steps you can take in order to make your Android phone a fortress against external attacks – malware and hacks. There are several ways to secure your Android phones from these attacks such as:

  1. Add a Screen Lock: This might seem basic but a screen lock helps protect your phone from unauthorized access. Whether you quickly took a walk with your phone on your desk or you went to take a leak, using a screen lock such as password lock, face unlock, pattern lock or pin lock gives your data and information utmost security.
  2. Lock Individual Apps and Media Files: This might be a drag but it is worth going through compare to when your apps and files become corrupted or affected by malware. There are several apps on Play Store that can help you protect your Apps and Files against phishing, hacking, malware & other hacks.
  3. Download Apps Only from Google Play Store: When installing apps on your device, there is an option in your setting that allows you to install apps from unauthorized vendors, kindly make sure this is set to No or Off depending on your android version. This option should be disabled; this way your device doesn’t allow apk installation that is not from Google Play Store. Downloading and installing unknown source apps puts your device at great risk. It is very important you download apps only from Play Store.
  4. Update your Apps: Updating the apps on your android device is very important. Each update comes with bug fixes or general stability. App developers find bugs in current version, some might be security bugs, they work on it, fixes it and releases the fix with the new update. Hence, if you have outdated apps on your phone, it is very important you update them to reduce your phone vulnerability to attacks.
  5. Update Android OS: The latest android version is the Android 8 Oreo. There is no doubt that each new Android mobile operating system version comes with improved security updates. If you are still running an old android os, you are vulnerable to malware, phishing, hacks & other kinds of mobile attacks. If your mobile device doesn’t support a new android os update, then it’s time you backup your data and information on google drive and start planning on getting a new android device with the latest OS or atleast runs on Android 7 Nougat.

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