6 Advice Every Teenage Girls Should Be Made Known Of

Teenagehood is a transitional stage of development. There are always a lot of changes are occurring in a girl’s life, it is important to have knowledge of what to expect, before tackling life’s hardships. Most teens are usually taken advantage of because of lack of knowledge, this should not be so.

Here are 6 tips  every girl should know:

1.Body changes are natural

Do not always be in the mirror wishing you could be having a different body shape or different body structure. You are growing, deal with it, embrace your body, the only perfect person is you, so love yourself and guard what you think about yourself dangerously. Outside there are bullies, who may never like what you have or maybe even jealous of what you are, so just ignore them. Surround yourself with the right people and life will be great.

2.Talk openly about what is bothering you

Being better alone doesn’t mean you let things and people get into your space without talking about it or them. Ignored to live long, you have to get yourself a team of close friends or family that you can talk to whenever you feel the pressure is too much. Remember problem shared is half solved. Talk to someone

3.Life does not always go as planned

Life could be cruel at times, so when at first you don’t succeed, just go ahead and try again. Falling is usually not the issue, but standing up again and dusting yourself off is what matters. Always have a backup plan, nothing is assured in this life, have plan B, C to ensure that you always remain focused and on top of the game.

4.It’s okay not to be okay

A lot of times life just happens, we find ourselves depressed or going through a lot that if we are not careful it can destroy us, it’s okay, that’s just life. Don’t ever feel like you are not good enough, or pretty enough, don’t give room to negative thoughts. Remember, every season will pass.

5.Manage wisely the money you have

One can never start saving too early. Budgeting means that you have less money available for impulse buying. At the end the year you could reward yourself with something small.

6. It’s okay to say no to sex

Sex is good but at the right time and age. There is more to having fun than having sex, so be careful. There are sexually transmitted diseases out there. It’s okay to wait and say No to sex, you are the captain of your ship and you can direct it however you wish. Don’t be afraid to say no to anything or anyone.


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