7 Amazing Hairstyles For Your Baby Girl This Holiday Season (Photos)

At times parents are often at a loss for ideas because of limited budget or because the hairstylist is out of ideas and they wonder what else to try on their baby girls. If you fall into the second category, then it’s a no-brainer; change your stylist. If you think your budget is the limiting factor, there are still great ideas you can find for cheap. This article will discuss excellent hairstyles to try on your baby girl over the holiday season.

Check out these 7 ideas:

1. Simple cornrows.

Cornrows are fancy, and yet, easy to maintain. Just ensure that the skin is not pulled too tight. Some kids’ skin gets irritated easily from being done too tight. Cornrows are great because you can take your girl swimming in them and they will still retain their longevity.

cornrow hairstyles for little girls



2. Twist braids.

Braids are easy to maintain, and also accord you the opportunity to try different looks. It is also important to ensure that the stylist doesn’t do the hair too tight when doing braids. Similarly, braids are great for swimming.

holiday hair



3. Cornrows with beads.

If your daughter loves beads, you can spice up her cornrows with beads. It all depends on your daughter’s personality; just make sure you do not do a hairstyle your daughter will be uncomfortable with. The holiday season is about meeting people, and she might withdraw or lose confidence if she does not like what you do with her hair.

holiday hair



4. Centre natural bun.

You can try this style on your daughter mostly for Sunday school and parties. This is what I was talking about in regards to braids. Braids are versatile and this look is quite easy to achieve and does not require you to get an expensive stylist.

holiday hair



5. Pussycat.

This happens to be almost every little girl’s favorite style. It’s easy to maintain, it looks neat, and will bring out the beauty and innocence your daughter. You can have it in cornrows or her real hair.

holiday hair



6. Fancy girl style.

If your girl loves fancy things and is not overly active all the time, you can give her this fancy hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal if you are traveling to a fancy holiday destination or when you are expecting to attend several events in a short time span.

holiday hair



7. Braid Updo style.

The updo hairstyle is ideal for any baby girl. It also looks neat and works as a great confidence booster.

holiday hair



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