7 Reasons Long Distance Relationship Might Not Be For You



1. Your bae is likely to cheat.

Speaking of missing each other, most people cannot stay faithful when their bae is so far away from them. They might try to stay strong for a while but eventually, they will cheat. It’s just how it is. It happens whether you plan for it or not. You may be thinking that everything is fine, but how do you actually know? No one is going to be there to verify for you whether your bae is seeing someone else. It doesn’t have to be them, you could be tempted to as well. When there’s little chance of getting caught, you will do it gladly.



2. Missing someone sucks.

The amount of time your mind spends on missing your bae should be allocated to other important things such as how to make money quickly. Long distance relationships make people waste valuable brain cells by missing each other too much. Worse still, you might be missing someone who hardly even thinks about you.

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3. There’s no one physically there to support you.

When you’re down and you need someone for you, bae won’t be there. You can talk about it on phone, but to have someone actually there, being there for you, is a different thing. You can go to your friends for that, sure, but what’s the point of that? You’ve got as much support as you do being single.



4. Words lose their meaning over time.

Words are nothing without action, but with the distance between you two, any and almost all action is impossible. So you make up for this impossibility with words, but words only tell and do nothing in showing the person on the other side of the world what and how you feel. You keep sending long messages to each other until you see that words never make up for physical absence. You can only write or say “I love you” so many times until all it becomes is an empty bunch of letters put together into a sentence that will never be enough to mean anything.


5. There’s no way of knowing what living with them in the future will be like if all you have is digital communication.

Relationships are meant to give you an idea of whether they’re a suitable partner you’d like to see yourself being with in the future. You learn about their quirks, their habits and who they really are. You can’t do that if all you’re seeing is half of that. If you move to be with them, how do you know being with them in person is the same as the person you know online?



6. It can be expensive to travel back and forth.

Think of the costs you’ll need to see them every time. If you’re the average 9-5er and you both work full time, it may be possible, but you’re going to have to cut a lot of corners to save up for this instead of the money going to say, your savings. If you’re in school it’s pretty hard to factor in the costs as well as your living and tuition. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have wasted a whole lot of money.



7. It’s just hard and not worth it.

Long distance love is really hard. It requires a lot of patience, emotional stability, trust, honor, courage, money, time, and who knows what else. Soon after you get into one, you’ll realize it’s not as fun as you may think. Both people need to know the commitment involved before getting into one.




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