7 Types Of Couples You Will Find In A Kenyan Campus

Every relationship is unique, and every individual reacts differently to varying situations. When it comes to dating on campus, relationships can be either complicated or simple. Some relationships lead to marriage later on in life and some are just for the moment.

Here are 7 types of couples you’ll find on campus:

1. Dramatic couples.

Dramatic couples have lots of ups and downs, and every argument ends up being the soap opera story of the week. Such couples tend to cause a scene; especially in parties, but they always end up making up and acting like it never happened.



2. Crazy in love couples.

These are the lovey-dovey types of couples who are not afraid to show love anywhere. They hold hands, kiss anywhere, and at any time.

Chris brown karrueche selfie



3. Goals couples.

Goals couples seem perfect for each other and make anyone want to be in a relationship.



4. Introverted couples.

Introverted couples are mostly quiet and keep to themselves. You never even know when they are hanging out. I remember not knowing two of my friends were dating until like three months into their relationship.



5. Same page couple.

The same page type of couple will always agree on everything. They are always on the same page; it’s even weird.




6. Roommate couple.

This is the type of couple who act like roommates. They are rarely seen together, never seen sneaking a kiss or even hugging. You might mistake them to be married for 40 years.




7. Celebrity couple

Celebrity couples are known by everyone on campus. Everyone knows that they are dating and wants to hang out with them because their plans are always lit. This is the kind of couple who ask you why you weren’t on the Naivasha trip that was lit.



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