7 Words You Should Know And Start Using ASAP

‘Your understanding of what you read and hear is, to a very large degree, determined by your vocabulary so improve your vocabulary daily.’ Zig Zaglar was quoted saying.

In the turn of a new year, one of the many things you may or should consider incorporating into your life should be constant fertilizing your vocabulary to polish your language and word use. While it might not be a matter of urgency, the right words will affect how you are perceived. Smart, ironic, cynical or down right unintelligent.

A major component of communication, here are 7 words you should know and start using asap.

  1. Sagacity

A noun; ability to make good judgment, wisdom, discernment, foresight, erudition, intelligence.

Example of use: despite his political inexperience, he is a sagacious candidate.

  1. Impregnable

An adjective; unable to be defeated or overcome, cannot be breached, captured or broken into.

Example of use: The Kenyan athletes forged an impregnable lead that saw them take gold.

  1. Quintessential

An adjective; describes a perfect embodiment, classic, model, archetypal, quality, essential essence of something.

Example of use: he is the quintessential example of how power corrupts.

  1. Spurious

An adjective; not what it purports to be, false, not genuine, false, fake fictitious, invalid, counterfeit.

Example of use: insurance companies have been on the lookout after a sudden surge of spurious claims.

  1. Enervate

Noun; to wear out, drain, tire, devitalize, tend to cause fatigue or weakness.

Example of use: after long hours of surgery he was left enervated.

  1. Indelible

Adjective; making marks that cannot be erased, removed or forgetten.

Example of use: her striking beauty left an indelible impression on the judges.

  1. Nefarious

Adjective; wicked, criminal, despicable, having evil intentions.

Example of use: the governor is rumored to be involved in nefarious dealings with outlawed gangs.


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