8 Beauty And Make-up Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Just like you cannot overlook the furniture that you have in your house before repainting, the same applies to applying make-up when you have glasses. This is because glasses add a whole new dimension into how your make-up is seen.

First off we’ll start with the basics, coz let’s face it when it comes to wearing glasses somethings cannot be overlooked because they are the essence.  Make-up and the frames of your glasses go hand in hand.

With a few basic tricks you can make your eyes look a bit bigger and noticeable behind those frames and avoid mistakes.

Having glasses does not mean that you have to lose your make-up sense. So here are a few tricks and techniques to make those button eyes popping.

1. Bright and bold bright lips

A woma in a gorgeous bold lip color 


This is one of the top make-up tip for girls who wear glasses is to save the bright and bold colors for the lip. This is because the lip color draws attention away from your glasses. The trick when wearing bold lip color, is to keep your eye make- up minimal. If you are planning on going dramatic with your eyes, then you have to be minimal with the lip pop.

2. Mascara it up!

Well definitely eye lashes make the eyes pop.


Don’t be scared to wear mascara. To make your eyes look fatter and blacker: bring on the volume! Use a volumizing mascara to further the effect of the eye-opening makeup. Most glasses wearing girls say that mascara is not a great addition to their eye make-up because of smudging on the lenses. The trick to avoiding this is the mascara application process, apply from root to tip, focusing more on the eyelash root.

3. Define your eyebrows.

Well define brows that match the glass frames.


Glasses are the frames for your eyes while the brows are the frame of your glasses. Therefore go for strong looking brows so as to achieve that effortless statement. The shape of your brows should match the frames of your glasses, if the frames are thick then thin brows and vice versa.

4. Use eyeliner

Eyeliner make the eyes pop and look more defined 


We it comes to eyeliner for eyeglass wearers it’s the most important beauty tip. It is easy to apply and it make your eyes pop.

Did you know that if you have thicker framed glasses, your eyeliner should mimic that? This tiny makeup tip for eyeglass wearers is a secret that blows everything out of the park.

Girls with thicker frames, the eyeliner should complement the thicker frames! The same goes for thinner frames.

5. Add a little drama

Adding a little drama to your eye make up with the cat eye will accentuate the curves of your eyes. This will bring out the beautiful shape with amazing shine.  Another excellent choice for little dramatic style would be to pull off smoky eyes. You can achieve the smoky eye by applying double lines with eyeliner to make your eyes pop out through your glasses

6. Keep your glasses clean

Clean your glasses to avoid break outs 


This is more of a general advice but it is also a beauty tip. To rock a great make up behind your glasses, the make-up needs to be visible through the clean lenses. This is also important because also dirty glasses can be home to bacteria and hence be the cause for acne.  You can use hand sanitizer to disinfect your glass.

7. Wear eye shadow

Eye shadow for more eye definition 


Makeup is about wearing what makes you feel great, so really you can wear whatever colors you love. However, if your goal is to really make your eyes pop, then you will need the right shade of eye shadow. And since its eye make up, if your lip color is popping you  have to go minimal on the the eye shadow shade you choose. Blues, browns and lilac really accentuate eye make for eye glass wearers.

8. Wear your confidence

This is the best and most important outfit that you can wear. This is because no beauty advice or make up tricks that can compare to confidence that matches your personality. So wear it with pride.


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