8 Reasons Your Partner Does Not Seem Interested In What You Have To Say

You may have been talking about something that you are really passionate about or something that is bothering you but your partner doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say.

Here are 8 possible reasons why this happens to you.

1.You take too long to get to the point of what you want to say

Sometimes people just zone out because the person talking is taking forever to get to the point of what they want to say.

2.You talk over them all the time so they zone out/ never give them a chance to talk

Constantly talking over your partner can easily make them get disinterested in listening to what you have to say.

3.You have a history of saying hurtful things to them

Your partner may be ignoring you because you always say hurtful things to them. They don’t want to hear it again so they tune you out.

4.You don’t talk to them but order them

What you are saying may not be the problem but the delivery. The way you communicate also determines what kind of response you will receive from your partner.

5.It may just be a bad time to talk to them

Maybe they had a horrible day and don’t want to have a conversation at that time. Or maybe they just want some alone time.

6.You keep talking about past issues

If you had issues in the past and keep insisting on bringing them up when the two of you have a disagreement, they are more likely to tune you out.

7.They may be disinterested in the topic you want to discuss

You might want to talk about politics and they don’t like talking about politics.

8.They may just not want to hear what you have to say

It could be that they simply don’t want to hear what you have to say. It might be best to think about the future of your relationship if this happens.


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