8 Rules For Being A Fabulous Wowan

Healthy Habits To Incorporate Into Your Work Day

How much does it take to be not just a woman but a fabulous one? It all depends on how you look at it. If you’re focusing on appearances, all it takes would be money and some expert advice on style, perhaps. But if you want to know the secret, or not so secret, ingredients of fabulous womanhood, here they are.

1. Shine from within with a smile

Smiling is the best way to let your inner beauty shine from within. Even the most stylish outfit will lose some of its charm, if your expression tells the world you hate it. A smile, on the other hand, will invariably make you look even more beautiful, not to mention making you feel better. That’s a fact, even if you start smiling without feeling happy, at some point you will start feeling happy, strange as this may sound.

2. Cultivate the skill of being a good listener

The skill of listening to other people is becoming increasingly rare. We all want to be listened to but few are those among us who can actually listen and hear what someone else is saying. Besides the fact that being able to listen is good manners, it is also useful to you – you can see things from someone else’s perspective, and this could be an interesting perspective, one that you’ve never contemplated before. Ultimately, listening will help you grow as a person.

3. May your words be filled with kindness

Being able to listen complements how you talk, and how you talk reveals a lot about how you think. If you have trouble expressing an idea clearly and understandably, then chances are that this idea is not very clear to you either. Take the time to think before you say something. Too much pain in the world is caused by people who speak before thinking whether what they say may hurt someone or offend them. Offending people is not attractive and it’s not a demonstration of honesty. You can be honest without being hurtful. May your words be filled with kindness.

4. Think carefully before you act

Let’s elaborate a bit on the topic of thinking, not just before speaking, but in general. Sometimes it’s good to act on an impulse but, unfortunately for those who like being impulsive, the majority of situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis, require that we think before we act. Let’s take the simplest example: an impulse to buy something that you later come to regret. Why not spare yourself the need to regret something you did and just weigh the pros and cons of the buy, before you decide on it instead?

5. Be cool. Cultivate inner peace and harmony

Losing your temper at the drop of a pin goes directly counter to the idea of attractiveness. Flying into a rage is only cool in the movies, not in real life. Besides, and more importantly, losing your cool is stressful, and you don’t need this stress. Find a way of keeping your emotions under control that works for you. Some meditate, others pray and others teach themselves to not overestimate the potentially negative outcomes of every situation, and yet many people find ways to release their anger in a safe way. See what works for you but keep your cool when you’re in company. Cultivate inner peace and harmony every day.

6. Learn and grow constantly 

Always be open to learning new stuff, regardless of the subject area. If you thought that once you’re out of school and “real life” begins you can forget about learning, you were wrong. A lot of the time we learn new things without being aware of it but why confine ourselves to this unconscious learning only? Continual learning helps you keep your mind active, and your mind has a great influence over your body. Keep your mind young and you will keep your body young too.

7. Be bold and try new things

Don’t be afraid to experiment – within certain limits, of course, not endangering your life or the lives of others. Whether it’s about combining colours that fashionistas say should not be combined, or about trying mountain climbing, if you’ve never before even seen a mountain up close, never miss on something that fascinates you, just because you’ve never done it before. Other people have and they will teach you. It’s really invigorating and can do wonders for your self-esteem.

8. Love yourself. Always. 

This one is the simplest or the hardest tips, depending on your personality. If you’re shy and insecure it would be a really tough challenge to overcome. If you’re a confident person, in all likelihood you already love yourself and you don’t need this advice. For the rest, start believing people when they tell you that you look nice or you’re smart. Learn to accept praise and accommodate it. You really do look nice and you really are smart! And stop striving for perfection. There will always be someone who will seem to be more attractive than you and someone smarter than you. But then, there will also be people whom you exceed in attractiveness and/or smartness. That’s how life works, and the way to make the best of it is accepting these truths and being yourself, as hard as you can.


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