9 Simple Ways To Be A Happier Person


In the spirit of the New Year, we all want to do things that refresh us, keep us alive and will help us get through the next 11 months.

However, you can never really do much without being happy, many times you allow things to dismantle you and take you backwards but not anymore. These simple ways will make you happier and more confident in yourself. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness so don’t wait around for it to come like a gift. Here are simple ways to be happier.

1. Generally take care of your body.

If you want to burst in happiness then you have to take care of your body. I understand that food and alcohol can be a serious part of your lifestyle but there is no reward in indulging. Apart from food, it goes down to basic things like sleeping enough, reading books and making sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically happy.




2. Don’t go to bed angry.

Because you are never guaranteed of tomorrow.




3. Act happy even when you’re not.

Fake it till you make it, sometimes you may wake up and remember all your problems and feel like giving up. But remember that happiness is a state of mind, a state that you want to be in. Smile a lot more and have a bubbly exciting conversation with someone. You will be a lot happier.




4. Don’t reward your bad behavior.

Humans have a habit of consoling themselves whenever they are wrong. The reality is if you have done something wrong, instead of entertaining your bad and guilty behavior, admit your mistakes. You will feel liberated and will make you feel good for trying to be better instead.




5. Workout.

Sweating calories out is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your body ends up releasing feel good hormones plus you will feel better about yourself. At the end of it all, your hard work will reflect on your body.


6. Spend money on things that make you happy.

Don’t waste money, instead use it on things that will better your mood and are long lasting. Spend it with meaningful people and long lasting things.


7. Stop nagging people.

Nagging never really gives you results. Change the way you address issues in your relationships, ask politely and in a certain tone. When you nag all people feel is irritated and annoyed.




8. Cut out negative people.

Negative people only drag you down with them. They never have anything better to offer than problems.


Negative people



9. Choose your battles.

Save your energy for things that actually matter, because as long as you’re alive you will always have battles you need to face. Just don’t let them overwhelm you.




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