Activist Boniface Mwangi Career, Biography And Family

Boniface Mwangi Profile
Born: 10, July 1983 Taveta, Kenya
Age: 34
Origin: Kenyan
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: photo journalist, activist
Famous for: the project of PichaMtaani, Swahili street exhibition
Twitter: @bonifacemwangi
Instagram: @bonifacemwangi
boniface mwangi biography

Boniface Mwangi biography
Now the question that may arise is how old is the activist Boniface Mwangi today and what does he do? Well, Mwangi was born on July 10, 1983, in Taveta, Kenya. He is a photo journalist, politician, and activist. He was famous for being actively involved in social-political activism through his initiative Team Courage. He started this with the aim of endowing a sense of hope and self-belief to the young generation with the view to bringing about change by instilling patriotic zeal to take bold and effective actions in building a new Kenya. He attained his zenith by photographing the post-election violence that hit Kenya in 2007–2008.

Activist Boniface Mwangi education
Mwangi was born to a businesswoman who was engaged in a business which traded across borders. At his early age, he had a problem of speaking different languages because of shifting frequently to different places. During his early years, he went on to live with his grandparents in Nyeri. During his stay in his grandparent’s house, he had too many issues among them including one regarding the linguistic issues because Mwangi had been speaking Kiswahili since his birth. As a child often dropped out and in school, and he could not go on with his education. When he was seventeen years, his mother died. It made him realize that he has to take his education seriously. He joined Bible school, and he secured his diploma. He soon took admission in a private journalism school which was funded from his earning by selling books on streets. It was the time during his school of journalism that gave him the motives of his life.

Soon, he found himself to be inspired by the photographs of Mohamed Amin.

Boniface Mwangi career
In spite of the fact that he could not graduate, Mwangi soon began to experience his heights as a photo journalist. His photographs were soon getting published in the national newspaper, The Standard. He started gaining recognition as one of the best photographers in Africa. He won his first journalism prize in 2005. And within a few years, he was universally accepted as one of the most promising photographers in Africa ever. We Kenyans are very well familiar with Boniface Mwangi photography skills.

Mwangi was, from a very young age, passionate for his people and country. He was at the age of six when HE was taken away from his village, for his mother’s frequently traveling to different places for vending, to live with his grandmother in central Kenya. At the age of eight, he was again brought back to live with his mother in Nairobi. He was given admission to and dropped out from different schools.

Though he went on gaining heights in his photo journalism field, Mwangi quit journalism for the cause of Kenyan social justice. He was moved by the post-election violence in Kenya. Mwangi fell in a traumatic stress and depression with the violent massacre of the period between different tribes. He found himself frustrated by covering frequently some politicians that incited rage among people and moved them towards violence. Eventually, he quit his profession and started visiting different tribes and photographing the acts of violence.

The photographs of Mohamed Amin on the Ethiopian famine of 1983-1985 moved him into realizing the power of photography. He realized how Amin’s photographs reached out and how it had brought help from different countries around the world, it stirred him with a hope of accumulating the mass for reconciliation. Boniface Mwangi videos became the inspiration for many who wanted to transform their determination and willpower into something worthy. In the spirit of transparency, the act of Boniface Mwangi wealth declaration took place through a video uploaded by him on his Facebook account.

His first important initiative was the project of PichaMtaani, Swahili street exhibition, showing the photographs of violence between different tribes all over the country after the 2007 national election.

This street exhibition was taken to every place and shown all around the country for 600,000 people which led to a discussion of reconciliation and promotion of national healing.

Boniface Mwangi family
Mwangi’s mother’s name was Wakiuruwa Mahinge. She was a trader. She used to trade across the borders. Therefore, Mwangi was reared up by his grandparents at Nyeri, Central Kenya. His mother’s death, when he was only 17, gave him the realization of a meaningful life. Since then, he took his work with greater passion and seriousness.

The activist Boniface Mwangi wedding took place when he was 23 years old and he is happily married to Hellen Njeri Mwangi. Boniface Mwangi wife Hellen Njeri Mwangi, also works with him on his initiatives. They now have three children (Simphiwe, Sifa, and Mboya). And here is a beautiful picture depicting the love, affection, and sense of trust and pride of Boniface Mwangi family:

He worked to instill a sense of hope and self-belief in the youth that worked for making a peace in a time of social trauma and disaster. Boniface Mwangi today is one of the most significant persons who have ever contributed to the building of Kenya by inspiring its people with patriotic, non-violent motivations.

Now Boniface Mwangi has started to develop a stronger human right by fighting against the social and political impurities. He has formed Pawa 254, a space for artists and activists to work for humanitarian causes to bring about social change and advancing human rights in the nation and society.


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