Airtel Registered 1.2m Subscribers After Raila’s Safaricom Boycott Call – CA

Mobile service provider Airtel registered 1.2 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2017/2018 financial year, Communications Authority has said.

CA, in a report on Thursday, said the mobile provider recorded a 20 per cent increase pushing up the numbers to 42.8 mobile subscribers.

The total number of mobile subscriptions rose to 7.3 million subscriptions from 6.1 million, it read in part.

This was the period Opposition leader Raila Odinga asked his supporters to boycott Safaricom on claims it was lined to the bungled August 8 election.

The telecommunications giant denied the claims.

According to the report, Airtel’s market share by voice traffic also grew by 4.6 percentage points to 22.2 per cent up from 17.4 per cent.

The telcos’ market share by subscription rose to 17.2 per cent from 14.9 per cent recorded during the previous quarter.

It’s total traffic volume increased to 2.5 billion minutes up from 1.9 billion minutes recorded in the previous quarter.


The report notes that Safaricom’s share of the mobile voice market and subscriptions dropped by 4.4 and 2.8 percentage points respectively from October to December.

“Safaricom’s share of the voice traffic had dropped to 72.5 per cent down from 76.9 in the previous quarter,” the CA report states.

Its market share by subscriptions dropped to 69.1 per cent compared to 71.9 per cent recorded during the previous quarter.

During the same period, Telkom Kenya’s market share by subscription increased from 8.4 per cent to 9.0 per cent, posting a growth of 0.6 percentage points.

Safaricom’s customers, however, increased their talk time, raising the minutes count to a total of 8.55 billion minutes of local mobile voice traffic up from 8.51 billion minutes registered in the previous quarter.

Telkom Kenya Limited recorded a total of 608.6 million minutes in local mobile voice traffic up from 589.8 million minutes reported during the previous period.

The report noted that as at 31st December 2017, the number of active mobile money transfer subscriptions and agents stood at 30 million and 198,234 respectively.

A total of 607.4 million mobile money transfer transactions valued at Sh 1.763 trillion were carried.There were 308.6 million mobile commerce transactions valued at Sh1.1 trillion.

The value of person-to-person transfers amounted to Sh 596.4 million.

“The mobile money platform is expected to maintain an upward trend in the coming quarters due to the significant increase in the number of services offered on the platform,” the report read.

Total data or Internet subscriptions stood at 33.3 million up from 30.8 million subscriptions reported in the previous quarter, representing an 8.0 per cent growth.

The number of mobile data or Internet subscriptions rose to register 33.0 million from 30.6 million posted during the preceding quarter, posting a growth of 8.0 per cent.


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