AIU Confirms Asbel Kiprop’s Doping Tests Are True

The Athletics Integrity Unit has confirmed that former Olympic champion’s Asbel Kiprop’s doping tests are true.

“We confirm that recombinant erythropoietin was detected in a urine sample collected from Kiprop,” AIU said in a statement on Friday.

Kiprop, a 1500m world champion claimed on Thursday that a doping sample might have been tampered with by testers.

But AIU said the allegations, which were investigated by the unit, were untrue and “extremely disappointing”.

“… there has been no mix-up or tampering with the Sample… the Sample collected was the same Sample analysed by the laboratory and reported as an Adverse Analytical Finding,” the unit said.

AIU said it had submitted to the Tribunal that these actions may constitute a departure from the requirements of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.

Under the Rules, a departure from the requirements will only invalidate an Adverse Analytical Finding if that departure could reasonably have caused the Adverse Analytical Finding.

“Kiprop alleges that the confidentiality of the proceedings was breached by the AIU. This allegation is rejected. The AIU has fully adhered to the principle of confidentiality throughout,” it said.

AIU said prior to the commencement of the disciplinary proceedings, investigators met with Kiprop to notify him of the positive test.

“Any suggestion that there was anything improper about this conversation is categorically untrue,” the unit added.

On Thursday, Kiprop 28, questioned the credibility of the sampling in the doping test he allegedly failed.

In a three-page letter released through his lawyer Katwa Kigen, the former Olympic champion pleaded innocence.

He narrated events that came after control officers Simon Mburu Karugu and Paul Scott, whom he was familiar with from past tests, went to his home while he was asleep, having notified him of their intended visit a day earlier.


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