Akorino’s Version Of Man’s Not Hot Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Hear Today (Video)

Man’s not hot is that song where we don’t really know where it came from or why it became such a big hit.

All in all there have been different versions of the song that have come up and most of them are hilarious. When asked about the song Michael Daapah who is also known as Big Shaq elaborated it and said that he was never hot because he is cool. Ever since then, the hit song has been played in every club and in every corner. It has a catchy beat and the words are hilarious. But what about the Akorino version? The melody of this version is indescribable and super funny to say the least.

The version is a sound track used on the video of a small boy dancing to the song. It honestly doesn’t get any funnier than this.


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