Akothee Released Her Phone Number Accidentally And Kenyans Went Gaga!

Akothee has put out a lot about her personal life to the public. The woman who dates her manager Nelly Oaks reveals her aspirations and her daily life for most of her followers to see.
She recently shot an Instalive video where she revealed more than she intended. She will show you her house, her bedroom, her children, even her long legs. But something she is not willing to divulge is her phone number.
She revealed it accidentally and one can only imagine what type of phone calls she must have been inundated with? Methinks many were of the Ben10 economy, we are after all a broke country, while Akothee lives a life envied by many.
She wrote on her Instagram page, what had ensued after the accident and her solution to it:

“Came home to spend quality time with my family, accidentally my business line went viral! Please family friends business associate delete this No 0790516475 from your contact list, it’s no longer in use! Email will contact you as soon as I have a new line thanks.”


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