Akothee Reveals The Amount She Paid For Her KPLC Bill

Early this year lawyer Apollo Mboya sued the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) on behalf of other Kenyans over inflated backdated electricity bills.

The lawyer accused KPLC of abusing their dominant position by overcharging consumers in a bid to recover Sh8.1b which KPLC claimed was spent on diesel generators.

Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum, Charles Keter, however, refuted claims that electricity bills have been backdated and power consumers were going to pay more.

KPLC, on the other hand, blamed a new integrated customer management system which led to the excessive billing.

Despite Apollo’s intervention, Keter and KPLC’s explanation, customers are still crying foul over their bills but Akothee’s case takes the cake.

The singer disclosed that she is coughing up 730,000 Kenya Shillings to pay KPLC and she is not fighting the outrageous bill because she has no time for the back and forth.

“KPLC I have paid this money not because you deserve it but because I have no time for the back, and forth am paying it with a lot of pain. 723,000K estimated from where? NKT. Mumenidhulumu.” Akothee complained.


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