Alvin Kabogo Spotted Partying With Ex-President Moi’s Granddaughter (Photo)

It came as no surprise when Alvin Kabogo, the son of billionaire politician William Kabogo, the former Kiambu governor, and Talisa Moi, the grand-daughter of Kenya’s second president caught up to go partying.

Because, money truly attracts money – in the sense that rich kids will always find one another somehow.

The two partied in Europe according to videos seen on Thursday, November 2, where Alvin settled after graduating from Brighton University in the United Kingdom.

Talisa is also currently studying at the Oxford University in Briton so its easier for them to get together.

When the rich party: William Kabogo's son spotted partying with ex-president Moi's granddaughter

Alvin, on the other hand, is known for living a grand life with the most expensive of things at his disposal. He’s always living large and partying even harder.


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