American Company Claims To Have Obtained License To Grow Marijuana In Kenya

The discussion on whether to authorize bhang in the nation has been restored after an American based firm uncovered designs to begin developing the opiate on 500 sections of land in Kenya.

The New-York based organization, GoIP Global Inc, asserted it had been conceded the important permit to develop cannabis in the nation in spite of the illicit idea of the yield.

“After visiting Kenya and meeting with officials in the country, I am very excited about the prospects this agreement brings to our company. This is the first of several critical transactions that will transform GoIP into a relevant member of the burgeoning cannabis industry,” a statement from GoIP Global Inc said on March 7, 2019.

American company claims to have obtained license to grow marijuana in Kenya

The decision to grow the drug in the country was based on the fact that the country lies along the equator which provides perfect conditions for the plant to thrive all year long.

Kenya, however, denied issuing such a license as Agricultural Research Principal Secretary Hamadi Boga maintained the stimulant remained outlawed in the country.

I am not aware of the licensing of the said firm to grow marijuana. As you are aware, cannabis is not in the list of crops that we currently regulate,” he said in a statement.

American company claims to have obtained license to grow marijuana in Kenya

Furthermore, even if the Agricultural docket was to approve such a scheme, there would still be the tough task of having the Attorney-General have it removed from the Penal Code as an illegal crop.

The US firm, however, maintained it had received an interim licence from the Ministry of Agriculture.

So what is the end game in all this? Well, according to the GoIP Global chair, the stimulant would be exported to European countries which have embraced it as well as Canada in what would be a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Notably, Canada only recently legalised us of marijuana.

In Kenya , however, the drug, despite being very prevalent, remains illegal, with heavy fines imposed on youth and other individuals found using it.


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