Anerlisa Muigai Shares Her 4 Secrets To Becoming CEO At Young Age

The Keroche Breweries CEO‘s Daughter Anerlisa Muigai has revealed her 4 secrets to becoming a CEO at a young age.

The CEO of Nero Water Company is among young and fast-rising entrepreneurs in the country is always determined to achieve her goals no matter the situation.

Ms Muigai who runs one of the biggest water company’s in Kenyan opened up on how she has managed to scale up the ladder and create her own empire in an Interview with “The Founder”.

playAnerlisa Muigai who has shared her 4 secrets to becoming the CEO at a young age (Courtesy)


Anerlisa who has managed to stand out of her mother’s shadow to start her own company is an inspiration to many young people who are yearning to be Entrepreneurs.

She runs a premier water company that supplies enterprises, events, executive taxi services and other businesses with its branded products.

The reserved, future-oriented lady has a strong social media presence which she uses it to inspire young people to take on entrepreneurship in a fun way

Here are a few Tips from Anerlisa

playAnerlisa Muigai who has shared her 4 secrets to becoming the CEO at a young age (Courtesy)

Good decision Making

According to the Keroche Heiress one of the biggest killer of business is making bad decisions. Anyone who wants to be successful in her/his business must empress the act of making good decisions.

Making good decisions for your business always starts with the kind of team you choose to work with.

“Choosing the wrong team, as much as you might have the best business and idea. The team is what elevates the business. If you have the best team in the world and have an excellent way of executing the ideas, you’ll definitely have a successful business,” said Anerlisa.

playAnerlisa Muigai who has shared her 4 secrets to becoming the CEO at a young age (Courtesy)


Customer feedback

Failing to listen to your customers can be a major set back in your struggles to make your company or business stand strong.

Failing to listen to your customer’s feedback, believing that everything you do is perfect. Customers build your business. They should be number one. If a customer recommends an improvement in your service or product; take initiative to see that the suggestion is effected. If it cannot be immediately attended to, then communicate clearly on what’s being done to improve the situation.” Says Anerlisa


The young CEO advices that wrong motivation for your business will not add value to your efforts to succeed.

The most common one is being driven by money; most people don’t focus on creating and adding value, they look more into getting rich and making lots of money,” Anerlisa advises.

playAnerlisa Muigai who has shared her 4 secrets to becoming the CEO at a young age (Courtesy)

Be sure of what you want

Always have an ultimate goal you want to accomplish win your Business.

“Lack of focus, not matter the amount of money you you inject into your business, you’ll only succeed if your eyes are on the ultimate goal. Do not get distracted, for example, by chasing the wrong customers. Know your exact market segmentation and keep your niche satisfied and glued” added Anerlisa

Apart from running her Empire, Anerlisa will be featuring on King Kaka’s new Project dubbed “The King Kaka Sanitary Bank” as a mentor. She also donated Sh50,000 towards the initiative.

playKing Kaka who received a boost from Anerlisa Muigai the young CEO (Courtesy )

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