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Anne Ngugi’s Daughter in New Collaboration, Featured in ‘Niko Sawa’

Anne Ngugi [Photo: Courtesy]


Speaking about the song last July, the presenter said that she was proud and hoped that the song will be embraced by the youth.

“They teamed up to tell the world what they go through and remind them that ‘wako sawa’.It is a song I am sure every youth is going to embrace and love,” said Ngugi.

Wanjiru suffers from congenital hydrocephalus – a condition that causes excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain causing the head to swell.

Audrey, on the other hand, became blind while growing up.

In an Interview with BBC, Wanjiru opened up about her struggle growing up with a condition which caused her head to swell.

She revealed that sometimes people laugh at her condition when she passes by.

“I used to ask my mom a lot of questions, ‘mum, why am I different from other people? Why is it that when I pass people laugh at me?’ She didn’t have an answer for me apart from singing,” said Angel.

She released her first song Nataka jua two years ago.


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