Arrow Bwoy Denies Helping Demarco Write Swahili Lyrics

Singer Arrow bwoy has denied that he helped Jamaican vocalist Demarco compose his Swahili verses in their new collabo “Love Doctor” that has been assuming control over the wireless transmissions.

The melody has the Jamaican artist singing in some extremely pleasant Swahili a thing that many questioned. Well as indicated by Arrow kid, he did it without anyone’s help and considering the occasions the vocalist has been done in Kenya, individuals shouldn’t be stunned.

“Kiswahili is one of the sexiest languages we have in the world right now, and actually he is the one who wrote his Kiswahili lyrics, which means he has been learning a little bit of it. I was also shocked,” he said. 

Arrow boy also confessed that landing the colabo was a dream come true. It happened while Demarco was in the country for Redsun’s album.

“I linked up with Demarco through a lady called Ivy, who played my sound while she was with him and he liked my vibe,” he told Radio Jambo recently. “He said he wanted to be in my remix and I was linked up with him, and we had been speaking until he came to Kenya for Redsan’s album launch and we did ‘Love Doctor’.” 


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