Avril Nyambura Showcase Baby Bump While Performing With Timmy Tdat (Photos, Video)

Singer Avril may be pregnant but she is not ready to hang her boots. Being in the 2nd trimester which is more like a pregnancy, the lady is back to working as usual.

This past weekend she gave an amazing performance leaving many wondering whether she was even pregnant. Dressed in tiny shorts and a baggy Tshirt, the lady stunned her fans as usual.

However, most of her photos were taken at an angle where the baby bump cannot be spotted. But thanks to a video shared on her page, I managed to get screenshots showing the bump from a far.

Singer Avril

Word has it that she is probably 5 months meaning in 2 or 3 month the pregnancy will be visible. She is among the very few female celebrities who prefer hiding details about their pregnancies.

Avril’s weight gain

Anyway looking at her face (especially the lips) one can be able to tell that the pregnancy hormones are kicking in! She is quite enjoying her journey and though she is still denying the pregnancy rumors, we are sure she will make a good mum soon!


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