Bahati Fires Back Trash Local Media For Fake News Publication About His Daughter

Singer Bahati

has impacted a nearby media outlet in the wake of completing a dooming tale about his family.

The blog distributed an article that was about Bahati getting a DNA test to check his little girl’s paternity. Their article was tittled; “Massive trouble in heaven! Bahati orders secret DNA test to verify daughter’s paternity”

The singer has warned the blog to never write anything to do with his daughter again. A section of his statement read; “Don’t dare write Nonsense about my daughter again!.”

The article by angered Bahati prompting him to give a warning. The ‘ndogondogo’ hit maker in his warning post on Instagram told the publication he is not just a ‘mtoto wa mama’ like he used to be but he is now also a man. He added that let it be the last time they are writing on his family without proof.

His Instagram post read;

“RESPECT & STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!! – I know You’re Doing all this gain readership but I think you are going too far with this if You can wake Up Create a Story and Publish Just to make headlines. I have lots of Respect for Mature Media And it’s Okey to Discuss Bahati & My Music in any Forum; but Family is Sacred don’t go there for the Sake of Making headlines. Just to remind you that am Now not just mtoto Wa Mama; but a Man and let this be the last time you’re Riding With my Family on a Blog without proof. Let my Wife Recover at Peace and don’t dare write Nonsense about my daughter “

Some of Bahati’s fans were enraged with the article and they want the blog to keep off and stop intruding his family’s affairs. Some comments were;

“Nn inasumbuanga wakenya,,,can’t pple mind their own problems,,,,,,,ebu acheni na baba Heaven alee mtoto na Amani,,,go be thinned by yours,,NKT!!!!

Nyii mablogs ni mafala sana.. Respect mtoto wa Mama

Wapeleke kotini ,they must pay u for kukuharibia jina.

Tell them again and again,, big mouths!!!!!! They should get a life!!”


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