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Baktash Akasha Was Not My Boyfriend – Tycoon’s Daughter Claims

Ms Alexandra Veevers

Ms Alexandra Veevers, the daughter of a British tycoon who died in Mombasa four years ago has denied being in a romantic relationship with Akasha’s son.

She admitted that suspected trafficker Baktash Akasha used to pick her frequently from her mother’s house at Link road in Nyali but was not her boyfriend.

The witness denied claims that her and Mr Akasha, who is facing drug trafficking charges in US along with three others, were romantically involved.

“Baktash Akasha is not my boyfriend. He is a friend of Steve who is the husband of my friend,” she said.

Veevers was testifying in an inquest into the circumstances which led to the death of her father, Harry Roy Veevers on February 14, 2013.

Her step brother, Richard Veevers had claimed that Akasha was her boyfriend.

He also told the inquest that Akasha threatened him with a gun in his sister’s presence.

Veevers denied claims that Akasha pointed a gun at her step brother at Masai Bar in Nyali where she was with her other friends a few days after the burial of their father, but admitted that knowing him.

“Yes he used to come to my mother’s house with a friend, to pick me but I do not think this is an issue ,” said Alexandra who was testifying before Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Charles Ndegwa.

The witness admitted she knew Akasha because he was a friend of the husband of a woman she knew.

“I know Baktash Akasha because he used to come to my mother’s house with my friend who is the wife of a Mr Steve who also used to accompany his wife to our house,” she addded.

She accused Richard Veevers of having threatened her with death and that is why she had to look for somebody who could help in case of any problem.




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