Bar Owners Fined Sh8.3 Million Over Minors

Bars, clubs and entertainment joints in Nairobi paid Sh8.3 million in court fines in one month this year for permitting minors into their premises.Bars, clubs and amusement joints in Nairobi paid Sh8.3 million in court fines in a single month in the current year for permitting minors into their premises.

The fine, which comes to Sh236,000 per day, was levied between February 22 and March 20. Most of the bars that were fined are located in the central business district and estates like Langata.

Commerce and Tourism Executive Allan Igambi said this while responding to a question from Eastleigh North MCA Osman Adow.

Mr Adow had asked why establishments selling alcohol were allowing children into their premises in contravention of the Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Act 2014.

Adow said many liquor establishments in the county had not complied with the law.

He had castigated the county government for failing to implement the law and sought to know the number of liquor establishments that had been punished for such violations.

Mr Igambi told the county assembly that the Act was being enforced and culprits were being brought to book daily.

He however did not indicate the number of establishments or individuals fined for flouting the law and promised to provide a list later.

“The Act is already in operation and offenders are arrested daily,” said Igambi.

The Act states that no person shall promote, sell or consume an alcoholic drink at any event or activity associated with persons under the age of 18 years.


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