BBC’s Smart Money to Air on NTV

Celebrated Kenyan Journalist Larry Madowo, who left NTV for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), as Africa Business Editor since April 2018, has inspired a new weekly program.

The show, launched officially on Monday, October 22, 2018, is one of its kind on the African soil, with a nearly all-African-journalists team behind telling the compelling entrepreneurship stories under the BBC Smart Money banner.

The first production of the BBC Smart Money has been slated for airing on seven local channels, with Kenya’s NTV set to broadcast the program on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, at 10:05 p.m. The other stations are in Zambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and NTV Uganda.

The team behind the production of the BBC Smart Money program

The half-hour weekly magazine program will give viewers an in-depth look at current money and business topics from across Africa, as well as offer practical and inspirational financial advice from African entrepreneurs.

In an announcement after the launch, Mr Madowo described his role as being the most challenging yet “most rewarding job” while giving credit to the team he has been leading in the last six months.

Madowo’s team, comprising of expert journalists, will on a weekly basis tell stories of success and the latest news on big money decisions affecting African’s lives.

The viewers will also get tips and will be an educative segment for those learning how to “do it themselves” when it comes to their finances.

“A programme like this has never been seen or made before in Africa and I’m sure our audiences will fall in love with it. We have more African journalists covering African business than ever before and we’re excited to share their incredible storytelling with viewers across the continent, says Madowo.

The production is currently done in English, but BBC Africa has plans to roll out its Swahili, Hausa, and French versions soon to capitalize on the London-based media house’s multi-million investments on the continent.

BBC Africa shall have most of the program’s content on its YouTube channel, on its news site, and across all its social media platforms.

The Swahili edition of the Smart Money show shall be called Biashara Bomba and is scheduled for release in the coming weeks while that done in French will be identified as Questions D’Argent. Early next year, the Huasa edition shall be released.

Here is an impression of what to expect from Smart Money:



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