Beryl Ouma’s Brother Reveals Details Of Husband Who Beat Her To Death

Brother to the late Beryl Ouma, the woman who died after an alleged beating by the husband, revealed that he was reluctant to accept Laiko Osuri as his sister’s partner, claiming he did not know him well.

Mark Ouma stated he called her sister aside in 2017 before her wedding and informed her that the family needed to know him well enough before they could get married.

“I had never hung out with him to be able to discern the kind of a person Laiko was, but I never dug deeper,” Ouma stated.

Beryl’s brother Mark Ouma

Ouma narrated he agreed to attend the wedding but told her he was not comfortable with the situation.

In a lavish wedding, Beryl and Laiko exchanged their vows on October 15, 2017, at the Kenyatta University Seventh Day Adventist Church.

“It was a wow wedding, in fact, more than wow, everybody was happy and appeared to be having so much fun,” another of Beryl’s brother, George Ouma stated.

According to The Standard, Laiko moved back to the country in 2018 from Doha, Qatar.

Since Laiko’s return, domestic violence between the two escalated.

Ms Ouma died on February 21, 2019, after a fight that ensued between her and the husband at Kahawa Sukari. Neighbours stated there were screams from their house from 2am till 5am on Thursday.

John Mungai, a neighbour, stated at one time they attempted to break into the house but Beryl came to the window and told them everything was okay.

Her body was taken to Neema hospital in Kahawa Sukari.

Beryl Ouma and Laiko Osuri, during their wedding


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