Best Crochet Braids Styles For Your Daughter

Some parents believe that the more complicated a hairstyle is, the more beautiful it is. Others think that the more expensive a hairstyle is, the more the beauty. Well, this isn’t true. Crochet braids are affordable and comfortable to wear, but they are the most beautiful hairstyles that you can ever encounter.

Another advantage of kids crochet braids designs is that they are durable. It is a hairstyle you don’t need to change now and then. You do it once, and you are free from the constant need to twist a strand here and there. Crotchet braids free parents and caregivers of that responsibility.

Best crochet braids styles for your daughter:

1. Large twistsCrochet braids for kids

Large crochet braids twist give improved hair volume without breaking the neck of your child. The huge volume shapes your kid’s head and gives her a feel-rare beauty. To ensure that the large braids do not come with any extra weight, use light hair extensions.

2. Thin crochet twistsCrochet braids for kids

Thin crochet twists are the most common crochet brainds in Kenya for kids. They seem fit for every head size and shape. Again, you can choose which length works best with your kid’s face shape. Unlike other crochet braids, thin crochet twists are easy to do, and even your current hairdresser will have an idea how to do it. Take a look at another photo of this thin crochet twist hairstyle below:


3. Wavy crochet hairstyle for kidsCrochet braids for kids

This crochet hairdo will give your girl the best look, especially if she has a round face and you don’t like long crochet braids. It is also easy to create as you can complement it with hair extensions to achieve a brazen look. Take a look at a similar hairstyle below:


4. Part cornrows-part crotchet twistsCrochet braids for kids

Crotchet braids expose you to the world of unlimited choices of hairdos. You can use crotchet braids to create unique hairstyles for your children without breaking the bank. The best thing about using crochet braids is that they versatile and you can use them to achieve the desired hair volume that best befits the style you are braiding. For this hairstyle, use extensions of varied length to produce the best hair volume.


5. Partial crochet braids with two bunsCrochet braids for kids

This hairstyle is unique and gives an impressive look. Also, you won’t need a lot of hair extensions to build the hair volume you want like you would for crochet box braids. You simply style the top half of your kid’s hair into two cute buns and leave the rest of the extensions in curls. Ordinarily, you would you would need more hair extensions, but with this partial crochet braids, the contrast between the top braided strands and the curls make your hair volume appear huge. Look at a similar hairstyle below, but with only one bun.

6. Colored crotchet braids in a mohawkCrochet braids for kids

You must have heard that it is not advisable to dye your children’s hair because their hair is ordinarily short and weak. However, you can still experiment with different colors. Just find the best-colored extensions and use them to create the best crochet braids. With colored braids, you can never run out of new styles to try.

7. Crochet braids of mixed colorsCrochet braids for kids

No rule limits you to one braid color. You can use different colored hair extensions to create a rare charm. Crochet braids with different colors are commonly used for soft dread crochet braids to enhance the uniqueness of the hairdo.

8. Lustrous crochet curlsCrochet braids for kids

This hairstyle is a beautiful variation of the crochet braids. You will first make smaller cornrows then attach hair extensions to them. The hair extensions will create a wild outlook that lasts longer before growth begins at the roots of the small cornrows.

9. Blended crochet braidsCrochet braids for kids

For this fantastic hairstyle, all you need are short hair extensions. Creating this beautiful hairstyle will take you time, but you will be impressed by the outcome. When done, your girl’s head will be swathed entirely in huge hair volume, but the face will still be visibly well accentuated. This is a unique hairstyle that isn’t as common as crochet braids for kids styles you see on TV adverts or the crochet braids pictures you stumble upon on Pinterest. Look at another blended-color crotchet hairstyle below.Crochet braids for kids


10. Kinky crochet braids for kidsCrochet braids for kids

You do not have to build a huge hair volume to look fabulous in Afro crochet braids. You can simply attach few hair extensions on to create a free-spirited look. This hairstyle is also comfortable and easy to make.

11. Havana Twist crochet braidsCrochet braids for kids

Havana Twists are quite voluminous, so you will better off using use lighter hair extensions. The beauty of Havana Twists is that they are comfortable while giving your daughter a cut-above-the-rest radiant look.

12. Senegalese Twists crochet braidsCrochet braids for kids

Senegalese Twists are a favorite hairstyle for many, celebrated across the world. This crochet hairstyle gives your daughter voluminous hair and accentuates he facial contours. Most people who begin crotchet braids for the first time always begin with Senegalese twists.

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