Betty Kyallo Reveals The Nairobi Tycoon Behind Her Success

Celebrated KTN new anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed the Nairobi tycoon behind her success.

Mercy Kyallo, the Founder of Yallo Leather Company has been instrumental in Betty’s success story and a great challenge for her to do better.

playBetty Kyallo’s Big sister Mercy Kyallo (Courtesy)


The Yallo Founder who happens to be Betty Kyallo’s younger sister has been a great inspiration in the TV personality hustle.

Through her social Media pages, The Friday Briefing anchor, celebrated her sister for playing such a big role in her life.

“I’m one proud big sister. Mercy is a force to reckon with. She’s hardworking and passionate. She’s a fighter and extremely aggressive when it comes to her business. She inspires me to be great and challenges me to go for gold. Good job sis! Go get em” wrote Betty Kyallo.

playBetty Kyallo’s Big sister Mercy Kyallo (Courtesy)


In an exclusive Interview with the Standard, Mercy Kyallo shared her success, the challenges she has gone through in the process of establishing her empire.

She ventured into the world of business at the age of 16, unaware of the rough and tumble ride awaiting her.

Mercy narrates that she decided to venture in to the Leather business after meeting a mentor who took her through the steps of scaling up her budding business.

playBetty Kyallo’s Big sister Mercy Kyallo showcasing her brand (Courtesy)


Her effort to venture into business was born out of her need for more money, as her then advertising job was not paying well.

When she felt she’d caught the hang of things, mercy quit her job to concentrate fully on leather products.

“Some of my clients bought my products just to reward my efforts, not because I was giving them quality. “Said Mercy Kyallo.

playBetty Kyallo, Mercy Kyallo and their Brother (Courtesy)


In 2014, Mercy Produced 23 Leather bags at a cost of Sh50, 000 from a businessman in Thika that she hoped to sell to women in Nairobi.

“The returns were very disappointing. I sold only four bags over a period of 2 years. In fact one was returned because it had design defects. I felt like the leather business was not for me.” says Mercy Kyallo

playThe Yallo Leather Brand (Courtesy)
playThe Yallo Leather Brand (Courtesy)


She kept on pushing and currently her brand has grown to be a force to reckon in the Business world.

From selling three to four bags a month a year, Yallo now produces more than 150 bags a month. The price for the Leather Bags currently retail at Sh11, 000 and Sh25, 000.

playThe Yallo Leather Brand (Courtesy)


Betty’s sister attributes her success to her willingness to listen and learn from trusted business minds.

playMercy Kyallo (Courtesy)

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