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Billy na Mbaruk: Four Interesting Things About Maisha Asubuhi Hosts

Billy Miya

1. He is Muslim

According to Billy, many people don’t know he practices Islam.

“My real name is Nabil” a smiling Billy revealed to us

2. Family man

Billy, who has been in the radio industry for over ten years is family man, blessed with two kids.

“I am married to one wife,” he set the record straight.

3. Awards won

Before joining Radio Maisha, Billy worked in several radio stations where he won several awards.

While Pwani FM, he won accolades at the Nzumari Awards and Coast Music Awards.

“Kama ni uceleb pale ndio nilikuwa celeb,” he stated.

4. Growing up, he was nicknamed ‘Rambo’

The burly presenter’s moniker was Rambo, after American actor Sylvester Stallone’s popular movie.

While explaining the reason behind the nickname, Billy revealed that “my younger brother alikuwa mchokozi sana. Baada ya kuchokozana, alikuwa anakimbilia kwangu nami nachapa wale watoi. Nlikuwa nmejaza sana.”

Mbaruk Mwalimu

1. Mwende Macharia

Mbaruk attended the same primary school with Radio Maisha’s Konnect show host Mwende Macharia.

“Primary nimesomea Mwakigwena Primary School. Funny enough Mwende  wa Konnect katika Radio Maisha nilisoma nae, alikua mbele yangu kidogo.” .

2. KDF

In 2017 he applied to join the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) as a tradesman.

“Last year, I applied for KDF as a tradesman. Na nikachukuliwa kama Kenya Airforce. I joined in July but something came up tukachujwa nikarudi home. Iliniwaste kweli hio time coz nilikua nimeacha job.”

3. Meeting Billy

“Nilipokua Drive show Baraka FM ndipo nilikutana na Billy. Alikua colleague all along. Tukawa tunafanya Breakfast show, Six months down the line tukaenda Media Maxx Milele FM, kisha Radio Maisha tukaja kama pair vile vile.”

4. He worked on the set of telenovela ‘Saida’

A lover of the fine arts, he won several accolades at the National Drama festivals while at Malindi High School where he cultivated his talent.

“I am a thespian, I am a director. I have scripted for several series kama Saida. Pale nilifanya kazi pia kama crew member. Saida ilinifanya nikapenda film.”


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